Why have an inspection?

General Inspection

Having your workplace inspected voluntarily may seem alarming or even strange to some people, but that should not be the case. Having your organisation inspected can help to figure out where risks are and how to better manage them, preventing incidents and accidents before they can occur.

An inspection performed by our specialists at ACT is an independent review of the health and safety in your workplace. Our health and safety experts will create reports detailing the hazards identified, the level of risk arising from these hazards, and the recommendations necessary to ensure legal compliance.

Regular Inspections

Active monitoring of health and safety is essential for an organisation to maintain high standards in the workplace. Regular inspections can provide a consistent means of performance measurement, and may prevent risks leading to undesired events, such as accidents, ill health and environmental impacts.

Management Systems

If you have management systems implemented, a workplace inspection can be an invaluable tool to check adherence to the management system that you are employing. An example of this would be if you were looking to get your workplace inspected to ensure compliance to ISO 45001.

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