5 NEBOSH Courses That You Should Take in 2021

Nebosh By Matthew Coombes

ACT have been offering health, safety, environment and wellbeing training from NEBOSH since 1991. In this time we have offered so many NEBOSH courses it’s almost hard to keep a track of them!

Below we have set out the 5 essential health and safety courses from NEBOSH that you should seriously consider undertaking in 2021.

The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety:

The health and safety management knowledge and skills that can be gained from taking the National General Certificate qualification are ideal for managers, team leaders, and those that have responsibilities for managing occupational health and safety in the workplace, including those that are looking to take steps to begin a career in health and safety.

Classroom Course
Video Conferencing Course
E-Learning course (Self-directed)

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing:

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing is a brand new NEBOSH qualification that seeks to introduce the concept of wellbeing and explain why good employee wellbeing is an essential part of any successful business. The course provided information on how we can improve wellbeing as individuals, and what organisational steps can be taken to try and initiate wellbeing programmes at work, while measuring their success.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made wellbeing more important than ever, and if you have employees that are working remotely, or that are due to return to their usual working situation (i.e. back in the office, back on site), having a plan in place to measure wellbeing and improve wellbeing will be a crucial consideration for the success of return to work.

Working with Wellbeing Video Conferencing Course

The NEBOSH & HSE Introduction to incident investigation:

Developed by NEBOSH and the HSE the introduction to investigation course provides an opportunity for individuals to develop essential skills that will help with the investigation of incidents and accidents at work. The course helps individuals to examine the underlying factors that have contributed to causing an incident, and good interviewing technique.

Introduction to Incident Investigation Classroom Course
Introduction to Incident Investigation Video Conferencing Course

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate:

The management of environmental issues is an increasingly important issue, especially when you take account of the changes that are being implemented by the UK government with regards to the ceasing of production of non-electric road vehicles, and the governments goals for tackling climate change.
Getting a head start now on environmental issues will better prepare your organisation for impending changes, or will provide you with a valuable set of knowledge and skills that you could further develop into an environmental management diploma or career.

Environmental Management Classroom Course
Environmental Management Video Conferencing Course

The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety:

Unwanted fires can have some of the most devastating impacts on organisations, both in the potential for loss of life, and in the financial cost of fire. The new NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety has taken a step away from UK specific legislation and is instead focused on international best practice. This change will make the fire certificate more approachable, and more applicable to those that have responsibilities for the management of fire safety, but that have specific legal requirements to fulfil that were not previously applicable to the last version of this course.

Fire Safety Classroom Course
Fire Safety Video Conferencing Course

For more information on any of our NEBOSH products please feel free to drop us an email and one of our team of NEBOSH course advisors will get back to you as soon as they can.

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