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Signs on building sites are there to reduce the possibility of accidents and injuries happening to both workers, and members of the public. They are designed to maintain accurate health and safety protocol by using highly visible signs with clear messages shown via logos on them.


What Are the 5 Main Construction Safety Signs

There are 5 main construction safety signs that display different messages using their shape and colour.


Prohibition Signs

prohibition safety sign


The ‘Do Not’ sign. Prohibition signs are identifiable by their bright red colour and circular frame with a thick red line passing through it diagonally. Inside of the red circle is a black pictogram that denotes an action that you should not do.

Examples of use:
No Entry
No Smoking
Do Not Operate


Mandatory Signs

mandatory safety sign

The ‘You Must’ sign. These blue, circular signs are the opposite of prohibition signs as they are saying that you have to do something – often relating to the white pictogram in the middle.

Examples of use:
Wear a Face Mask
Keep Clear
Ear Protection Must Be Worn


Warning Signs

warning safety sign

The ‘Be Careful’ sign. These yellow, triangular signs with their black boarders are there to make you aware of dangerous hazards and circumstances – relating to the black pictogram in the middle.

Examples of use:
Caution Hot Water
Danger High Voltage
Caution Slippery Floor


Safe Condition Signs

safe condition safety sign

The ‘Follow’ sign. These green, rectangular signs are made to give off a sense of safety. People are to follow the act of the white pictogram in the middle.

Examples of use:
Fire Exit
Assembly Point
Emergency Stop


Fire Equipment Signs

fire equipment safety sign

The ‘Fire Safety’ sign. These red, rectangular signs are there to inform you of where fire equipment is around the workplace. Their white pictograms illustrate the equipment mentioned.

Examples of use:
Fire Extinguisher
Fire Alarm Call Point
Gas Shut Off Value


Construction Safety Signs in Depth

The construction industry in particular has signage that is incredibly important to not only keep the workers safe, but also to keep the public safe too.


Keep Out

Keep Out" Sign 200 x 150mm | Safety Signs |

The ‘Keep Out’ mandatory sign is used to establish boundaries to ensure no unauthorized persons enter the premises. Ideally, these signs should be placed in positions where they can be seen clearly from distance.


Way In & Way Out

Way in right Sign, Self Adhesive Vinyl, 1mm PVC, 5mm Correx Board – KLH Solutions

The ‘Way In’ and ‘Way Out’ mandatory signs are used to tell workers the correct directions to take in order to get in and out of the site safely.


Use Footbridge

Use Footbridge Signs - from Key Signs UK

The ‘Use Footbridge’ mandatory sign is used to instruct workers and the public to use a footbridge in the area.


Helmets Must Be Worn

Safety sign Construction site signs, site boards, construction site, safety helmets must be worn, signs2safety

The ‘Helmets Must Be Worn’ mandatory sign is used to inform and instruct people onsite that head protection is a must in the area.


Eye Protection

Eye Protection Must Be Worn Safety Sign - Self Adhesive Sticker 200mm x 150mm : DIY & Tools

The ‘Eye Protection’ mandatory sign is used to inform and instruct people onsite that eye protection is a must in the area.


Ear Protection

Hearing Protection Must Be Worn Sign, Rigid, 20x30cm | PPE Signs | Safety First Aid

The ‘Ear Protection’ mandatory sign is used to inform and instruct people onsite that ear protection is a must in the area.


High-Vis Vest

High Visibility Clothing Must Be Worn In This... Signs | Seton

The ‘High-Vis Vest’ mandatory sign is used to tell people onsite that high visibility clothing must be worn in the area.


Wear Protective Footwear

Wear protective footwear Safety sign - Self adhesive sticker 400mm x 300mm : DIY & Tools

The ‘Wear Protective Footwear’ sign tells people there are hazards onsite that can cause damage their feet. For that reason, protective footwear is a must.


What are the 9 types of hazardous symbols?

As mentioned previously, there are pictograms on many of signage we have discussed. Regarding hazards, there are 9 symbols that alert to the presence of a hazardous chemical. These symbols will be in the shape of a diamond with a red border.




Symbol: Exploding bomb




Symbol: Flame




Symbol: Flame over circle




Symbol: Corrosion


Acute Toxicity


Symbol: Skull and crossbones


Hazardous to the Environment

Environmentally damaging

Symbol: Bad environment


Health Hazard/Hazardous to the Ozone Layer

Symbol: Exclamation mark


Serious Health Hazard

Health hazard

Symbol: Broken silhouette


Gas Under Pressure

Compressed gas

Symbol: Gas cylinder


The signs you use on your construction site purely depend on your surrounds and your hazard perception to figure out what could be a potential threat. Loose cables, corrosive acids, and explosive chemicals are just a few of the things to look out for when figuring out what signs to use.


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