ELCAS: How ACT can Aid your Progression

Nebosh By Andy Taylor

The Armed Forces Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS) is a scheme that has been set up to encourage life-long learning for members of the Armed Forces. It helps people to support their further learning by helping out financially and enabling people to study career-progressing courses.

There are a number of courses that you can take with the help of ELCAS, including a range of NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health) courses and a wide number of diplomas. They are all qualifications at a high level, which can really help you to push your new career on to the next step.

These qualifications can be instrumental in taking your post-Armed Forces career in a completely different direction, allowing you to get the best start and launching your career into a different world. Here at ACT Associates, we have been an ELCAS approved provider for over ten years, providing you with the highest quality training to ensure you make the most effective transition possible to a new career.

Using ELCAS approved courses to unlock your career

ELCAS take their responsibilities seriously and have strict criteria which the course providers must adhere to, meaning that you can be sure that you will get the best education in the right conditions as well as a qualification which will be useful to you to help to progress your career.

The providers are continuously checked and monitored both in terms of the quality of the education that they are providing but also in the experience of the learners. They must, for example, exceed an 80% satisfaction rating.

There are a number of courses on offer, including a range of NEBOSH qualifications. NEBOSH is an internationally recognised body who train people in health and safety in the workplace and offer both general health and safety courses from a basic to a professional level, and also more industry-specific health and safety courses.

These courses can offer a great foundation to a new career, new opportunities and great prospects.

Getting ELCAS Funding

The ELCAS support will give you a one-off payment for up to three financial years, but is only available for courses which will give you a qualification which is recognised nationally and at level three or above on the National Qualifications Framework in England and Wales, or Level Six or above on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

If you are interested in using ELCAS to help to kickstart a new career outside of the Armed Forces, there is a simple procedure which must be followed:

  1. You must already be signed up to be a scheme member. You will also need to have built up enough service before you can make a funding claim. If you are still serving in the Armed Forces you should speak to the Education Staff who will be able to check your eligibility, and if you have already left the Armed Forces, speak directly to ELCAS to see if you are able to advantage of the service.
  2. Find the course that you are interested in doing and check that you are able to use ELCAS funding for this course – both in terms of the level of the qualification, and also ensuring that you pick a course provider who is approved by ELCAS.
  3. Complete the ELC form and then submit it. It should be approved by either your Single Service Representative or an authorised member of education staff.
  4. There is information on the Service Personnel Claiming ELC or Service Leaver Claiming ELC which will tell you precisely how you claim for funding.
  5. Complete the course evaluation which is located in the Members Area on the ELCAS website.

For more information about the ELCAS process, there is more information at the Joint Service Publications (JSP) 898 Part 4, Chapter 3.

The real value of ELCAS for people who serve or have served in the Armed Forces is both in the financial support available and also in the quality of the courses which can be studied. For a good quality, useful course, it is important for those who provide them to be set up properly, with the correct resources, the technical knowledge and excellent quality teaching.

This is why we at ACT are keen to be approved by ELCAS. Career progression is important both in and out of the Armed Forces and by helping with the finances with great quality courses, you should be able to springboard your career onto the next level.

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