How does a safety culture aid in positive growth?

Nebosh By Andy Taylor

Every business needs to grow, and every business owner needs to look at just how that can be done. There will always be numerous ways to grow a business, and it will depend somewhat on how you work, what you do, who your target audience is, and what your products are. You’ll need to know how to price your services correctly and how to keep your customers happy.


You will also need to know how to keep your employees happy; this is an oft forgotten yet crucial part of growing any business. When you are big enough to have employees, you will need to be able to keep them loyal and satisfied in their work; you will, in other words, need to look after them. Having the right safety culture is one way that positive growth within your business can occur; here is how it works.


What is safety culture?

Safety culture is more than a buzzword; it’s an important aspect of a happy, healthy workplace. It ensures that the workplace itself is a safe and secure place to work, and that everything that is done there falls within the legislation and guidelines that are set out with regard to the Health and Safety at Work Act.


It’s more than just following the rules, though. It’s about ensuring that attitudes and behaviours all match up too. Having a positive safety culture that starts at the top and works all the way down, including everyone who works within the company is vital for positive growth.


Better communication

Communication in business is hugely important; without it, growth is next to impossible. Yet it is communication at all levels that must be implemented in order for a business to really grow.


When a business has free-flowing communication at all levels, employees will feel much more comfortable in offering feedback, asking questions, offering advice, even requesting additional training and equipment. They will also be more receptive to feedback given to them, which can improve attitudes and behaviour as well as ensure that the correct procedures and rules are followed.


Not only that, but if communication is good from the management to the staff, it will also be good between employees and customers, and this is something that can boost your business even further. Good customer service can be the difference between growth and stagnation.


Training opportunities

One of the dangers of running a business is coming to point where you as a manager or business owner and your employees feel you know all there is to know. This will rarely – if ever – be the case, and continual learning is one of the best ways to grow your business; it will show you new ways to work (more efficient ways in many cases), and will teach you new techniques for customer service as well as point you in the direction of exciting products or services you can add to your range.


Health and safety training is another specific way of ensuring better business growth. It will show your employees that you are serious about their well-being, and about the reputation of the business. It will prove that you are investing for the future. Plus, as your reputation grows so too will your sales; people like to buy from companies that take care of their employees. They want to know that their money is going to be used wisely.


Developing a reporting process

A good health and safety culture will enable the deft and smooth development of a reporting process. Once employees feel comfortable in being able to report any issues (and once they have an easy way to do so), a positive safety culture will be a lot easier to maintain and to build on.


Even if the report that needs to be made is about something negative – something that has gone wrong – staff need to be able to be confident that their voices will be heard. In fact, the more negative a problem is, the more important a positive reporting process is.


Employee involvement

Finally, a good safety culture will enable positive growth because it means that employees at all levels are involved in the business. They will feel more included, more part of the entire process, and therefore will remain more loyal. This loyalty is hugely important when it comes to business growth; the more loyal an employee the longer they will stay working for you, and that means you won’t have to spend time, effort, and money in recruiting new people, training them, and starting all over again.

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