Ladder Association: Latest report shows online purchases may not be safe

General Safety By Rob Sannwald-Dunn

Step up to Safe Ladders’ campaign

As part of the Ladder Association’s ‘Step up to Safe Ladders’ campaign, they have produced their latest of three reports, which focuses on Multi Hinge-Joint Multipurpose ladders. Tests carried out by them showed many ladders failed safety critical tests, notably those purchased online.

The Ladder Association reported:

  • 70% of the multipurpose ladders we tested FAILED the required safety tests, were non-compliant and unsafe to use
  • 100% of samples purchased online from Amazon or eBay FAILED the safety tests.”

As well as providing details of their tests and findings, the Ladder Association provides useful advice to consumers in the workplace, including:

  • Take some time to research before you buy.
  • Check product reviews.
  • Don’t make decisions solely on price.
  • Avoid ladders that are CE or UKCA Marked. Despite what you might think, ladders cannot be CE or UKCA marked, so avoid any that bear those markings.

Read the full report here

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