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Nebosh By Matthew Coombes

Qualifications aren’t the be-all and end-all of a successful career in health and safety, but as a health and safety training and consultancy organisation, we know how important they can be. Every single professional in the sector will benefit from a balance between qualifications, continued professional development and experience.

But when it comes to taking qualifications, why is the NEBOSH General Certificate so important to the health and safety industry?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is a career innovating certificate because it has the power to completely shape your understanding of health and safety, it’s importance, and how to effectively manage health and safety in the workplace.

The course is a level 6 SQCF Framework qualification, which is equivalent to the UK Level 3, or an A-Level qualification, and as such it is predominantly aimed at health and safety managers, team leaders, supervisors and aspiring professionals.

We’ve been teaching the NEBOSH General Certificate for over 30 years, and it has always held a key position in our roster of courses.

What makes the NEBOSH General Certificate so good?

It’s tough…

…But in a good way! The exams are a challenge, and the practical risk assessment will really get the gears turning in your head, but none of it is unachievable, and the assessments are an integral part of the learning process.

The exam helps you to show what you know, and how you can apply it to a (possibly unfamiliar) realistic scenario, while the risk assessment involves taking your new knowledge and applying it to your own workplace in the form of conducting an assessment of risks to health and safety.

The syllabus is robust

The course syllabus was recently updated (NEBOSH frequently review course syllabi to ensure that training stays relevant), and the latest update saw the inclusion of the new Open Book Examination style. The NEBOSH General Certificate syllabus, contains essential information on why we should manage health and safety, including legal duties, moral obligations to do no harm, and the financial arguments, such as avoiding fines and expensive legal fees.

It provides the modern professional with everything that they need to start making a difference and improving their workplace.

There are 11 elements to the syllabus including essential common hazards such as physical & psychological health, general workplace issues, and electricity.

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Career prospects

The general certificate is highly sought after by employers.

This is because it is firmly cemented as one of the UK’s most popular occupational health and safety training options by continual efforts by NEBOSH and providers like ACT to provide high quality training.

The key information and skills contained within the course are essential for professionals who need to effectively manage risks in the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether you’re learning in the classroom, via video conferencing software, or online at home on your own with our e-learning. At the end of the course, you should be able to effectively manage occupational health and safety in any low to medium risk organisation.

The course sets you up well for other fields

Risk management is a skill set that is desirable by any employer, because any risk is likely to cost money to fix. With some further development you can put your risk management skills to good use in other aspects of work life.

Many of those that take the NEBOSH General Certificate with ACT come back to us to study fire safety, construction safety and environmental management qualifications.
We also have one-day courses that are perfect for developing the knowledge gained in your NEBOSH General Certificate, including Working with Wellbeing, Introduction to Incident Investigation, and Health and Safety Leadership Excellence.

The Diploma

Undertaking a NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to studying the NEBOSH National Diploma. This is because the General Certificate is seen as the perfect foundation on which to build your diploma.

The general certificate provides a solid technical basis of knowledge and skills that the diploma can develop further.

Many occupational health and safety professionals take the General Certificate, then the NEBOSH Diploma as a path to Graduate Membership of IOSH.

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