NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Q&A with a tutor

Environment By Matthew Coombes

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is a globally recognised qualification that can help you to understand where your organisation is successful and can improve in it’s management of impacts on the environment.

Every business interacts with the environment in some way, whether this is through the use of power, materials in the supply chain, or the products and by-products that you produce. Being aware of environmental issues and how to manage environmental impacts can be beneficial for organisations that are looking to reduce the negative impact that they have on the world, and being an environmentally conscious organisation can be beneficial to your standing in the supply chain, especially if you obtain a management systems certification like ISO 14001.

We spoke to our tutor Darren Male to find out what he thinks about the new Environmental Management Certificate qualification:

How long have you been a NEBOSH/Environmental tutor for?

“I have been providing ACT NEBOSH Environment Certificate and NEBOSH Environment at Work Certificate training for 5 years, and have been providing other environmental training and consultancy for 20 years. ”

What sort of roles have you undertaken in the past throughout your career?

“I’m a Civil Engineer by training, majored in public health, worked at van builder LDV as Environmental Coordinator, and then joined South Staffordshire Water’s commercial contracting wind OnSite as Divisional QUENSH Manager. In 2005 I set up my own consultancy and joined ACT as an Associate in 2017. I have been a statutory advisor to the Environment Agency & the Government’s Envirowise scheme, and I am currently Chair of Coventry’s River Sherbourne Valley Project. I am an Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) Mentor & Assessor.”
Holyhead Harbour and Holyhead mountain

What’s the most interesting job you’ve done/consulted on?

“Oh the list is too long, but the environmental consultancy I provided to Stenaline Ferries is probably the most memorable, with an assessment of the Holyhead Port and an onboard assessment of the ferry from Fleetwood to Larne with dinner with the ship’s captain. ”

Who is the new environmental certificate for?

“Any professional seeking to have a deeper understanding of environmental issues, particularly with a focus on implementation in businesses.”
Factory chimney

What sort of organisation would benefit the most from somebody with an Environmental Management Certificate?

“The course is aimed at all businesses, be they in manufacturing, construction, utilities, transport. The course is also suitable for retail and commercial organisations however there is a lot of focus on techniques to deal with pollution control that may not be wholly relevant.”

Why should people take the course?

“To gain a much deeper understanding of environmental issues and techniques to protect the environment and prevent pollution. The course covers environmental impacts, environmental management systems, Assessing environmental aspects and impacts, Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies, and the control of emissions to air, land and water, the control of environmental noise, the control of waste, and on energy efficiency and carbon reduction.”
Online assessment

What do you think about the new assessment format?

“The simplification of the exam questions with a move to a case study type format will help many candidates who may be rusty at exam technique.”

What’s your favourite thing about teaching the Environmental Certificate course?

“Environmental issues and management techniques are also evolving and improving, far more than health and safety. I also love educating the delegates. At the start of the course they wonder how we are going to talk about plastic bottle recycling for 5 days, and then realise it is far more in-depth than that. I do find it unfair that the NEBOSH H&S course gets 10 days to teach the subject when I only get 5 to teach environment but have a lot more to say!”

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