What Is A NEBOSH Closing Interview?

Nebosh By Matthew Coombes

Every learner who undertakes a NEBOSH Scenario-Based Assessment as part of their studies will have to undertake a closing interview. But what is the closing interview?

The new NEBOSH exam

Scenario-Based Assessments (SBAs) have provided an unrivalled amount of accessibility for those looking to take NEBOSH qualifications. There’s no travel involved, you don’t have to handwrite your paper, and the open-book format is based on realistic scenarios and related tasks – making it more of a learning exercise that tests how you apply your knowledge, than a typical exam that often tests memory.

Most of the certificate-level SBA’s are completed online within a 24-hour window (aside from the Construction Certificate exam, which is 48 hours long), from 11am to 11am. This is to accomodate for learners sitting the assessment across timezones, and also allows learners to take care of any other responsibilities, like childcare.

This 24-hour includes your planning, writing, proof reading and submission. This may seem like a long time, but when you’re taking the assessment, it quickly passes by!

When is a NEBOSH Closing Interview?

NEBOSH closing interviews take place up to two weeks after an examination, and are organised by your Learning Partner. If you’re an ACT learner, you’ll be contacted in the week running up to your exam with information about the dates available, and a link to book your appointment slot.

How do you do a NEBOSH Closing Interview?

The interview takes no longer than 15 minutes, and we conduct all of our interviews via video conferencing software such as Zoom.  You will need a camera, microphone and suitable place to complete the interview. There can’t be anyone in the room for you unless you have extenuating circumstances, such as the requirement for an interpreter.

What do I need for a Closing Interview?

You will be required to provide a valid form of identification which can take the form of a passport, driver’s license, or national identification card.

After a quick check that you’re on your own in the room (and therefore not being coached) and that you’ve not got any extra resources, the tutor will ask you three questions from a list set by NEBOSH.

The questions are based on the exam paper and you’re expected to answer off the top of your head, so it may be beneficial to read through the exam paper and your answers prior to the interview, to refresh your memory.

Your answers aren’t marked or assessed, there is no grading for a closing interview and it doesn’t affect your final result.

The closing interview is a requirement of the NEBOSH examination process as it forms part of the NEBOSH Malpractice policy, and failing to attend within the timeframe set by NEBOSH after your assessment may result in NEBOSH automatically voiding your entire exam.

Why are closing interviews required?

The closing interview is one part of the extensive process that NEBOSH employ to prevent learner malpractice and collusion when it comes to online exams. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that the paper you submitted is entirely your own work and you are able to discuss it with the tutor.

To conclude, you’ll be fine as long as you are the one that took your exam!

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