Which NEBOSH course is right for me?

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Managing health and safety efficiently ensures that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day. Not only does it make business sense to manage health and safety, it’s also a legal requirement in the UK. Many employers, managers, employees and health and safety professionals turn to NEBOSH training courses as a way to improve their knowledge of health and safety, and begin effectively managing the risks in the workplace.

NEBOSH Qualifications are recognised worldwide, and they are seen by many as the gold standard of health and safety training.

If you’re looking for a NEBOSH training course, this article breaks down some of the most popular courses and explains what they are and who they are for.

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NEBOSH General Certificate

One of the most popular health and safety qualifications in the world.

If you’re looking to understand this legal responsibility and the why and how we manage health and safety, the best course for you is the NEBOSH General Certificate online in Occupational Health and Safety. Held by over 200,000 health and Safety professionals this course is ideal for anyone that needs to understand health and safety, or who wants to start a career in an interesting and constantly developing field. The NEBOSH course online covers everything that you need to understand how to manage health and safety in the workplace, including an emphasis on building understanding alongside practical skills.

This qualification is typically undertaken by those looking for a career in health and safety, professionals looking to certificate their experience and managers, team leaders and supervisors who want to understand health and safety to keep their workers safe.
You can take this course online as a self-study course, as a classroom course and online as a live virtual classroom course.

NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing

Change your approach to working with wellbeing in just one day.

Wellbeing should be on your docket for goals to improve in 2022, and if it’s not you should ask yourself why. Improving wellbeing goes hand in hand with improving health and safety, both in terms of your legal duties and in relation to the return on investment. The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing is perfect for any manager, team leader or director that wants to understand what wellbeing is, and what can be done to improve it in one day of training.

If you’re wondering why you should even bother to improve wellbeing, businesses that focus on developing their wellbeing management see the following improvements:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Easier recruitment
  • Better customer/b2b service
  • Less sickness absence
  • Less absenteeism
  • Less presenteeism

This course is typically undertaken by managers, senior leadership, directors, HR professionals and health and safety advisors.

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

A lot of greenhouse gases were emitted in 2021, including a lot of the hot air and burnt aviation fuel produced by world leaders showing us all how to be ‘environmentally friendly’ and flying into Scotland for the COP26 environmental summit while large amounts of the population are working via video conferencing…

If you actually want to make a difference and improve your workplace’s relationship with the environment you should consider undertaking a NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate. This course takes a risk management approach to environmental management and is ideal for any business or organisation that wants to save money, and reduce their impact on the environment.

This course is typically undertaken by those looking to get into a career in environmental management, health and safety managers that want to diversify their skills, and those concerned with holistic risk management.

NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction

The construction sector remains one of the UK’s most active and diverse industries, and that’s in part thanks to the sector’s commitment to safety and encouraging safe workplaces. The HSE have reported that there were 36 deaths in construction in the 2020/21 statistics, which may seem like a lot (and anything above 0 is too many!), but this is a sector that employs more than 3.1 million workers.

The NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction is a great qualification for anyone looking to develop their knowledge of construction health and safety, or for anyone hoping to start a career in the construction sector. The knowledge in this course is specifically designed for the construction sector and provides a robust understanding of safety issues, which can lead to a successful career.

Want to know more about NEBOSH courses?

Act has been delivering NEBOSH health and safety training since 1991. We have a wide range of courses and methods of training delivery, including online options and classroom training courses.

If you are considering a career in occupational health and safety or if you are just looking to develop your skills further, please consider calling one of our NEBOSH course advisors who can help you to decide on a path to take.

Alternatively, we have loads of information on each of the NEBOSH courses that we offer, readily available on our website, and written into more articles like these.

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