Why You Should Attend A NEBOSH Diploma Tutorial

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What is the NEBOSH Diploma?:

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is split into 4 units:

Units A, B and C are written examinations that are taken in person at any approved NEBOSH examination venue. Unit DNI is a practical application of all of the prior units that is completed after you have finished your exams.

All of the units of the NEBOSH Diploma must be completed within 5 years in order to achieve the full qualification. The units are not intended to be studied simultaneously, and so we recommend that you dedicate your full attention to one unit at a time. The NEBOSH Diploma is a degree level qualification and this is reflected in the complexity of the course material.

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Where can I take my NEBOSH Diploma exams?:

At ACT we offer NEBOSH Diploma exams at four venues across the UK: Glasgow, Manchester, Oxford and the West Midlands. Exams typically take place twice a year, on the approved dates set by NEBOSH. For more information on booking an exam, you can contact our administration team via email on central.admin@actassociates.co.uk.

What are Exam Tutorials:

We offer exam tutorial days for the three written examination units and a separate support service for the DNI Assignment. The exam tutorials take place before the exam dates set out by NEBOSH, and are tailored to each delegate and the areas they feel they need the most support in. Delegates are encouraged to discuss with tutors beforehand which areas of the unit that they would like to focus on during the day so that they can make the most of the session. The tutorials are one full day in duration and are typically held at the same 4 venues that we offer the exams in.

Why should I attend a tutorial?

You don’t have to be studying with us to attend a tutorial day, and you don’t have to have attended a classroom course either. The sessions follow the NEBOSH syllabus closely and they are student-led, making them a great way for students to share their areas of concern and have them addressed by a qualified tutor with many years of experience in teaching online health and safety training, such as NEBOSH Diploma courses.

The tutorials also cover good practice for exam technique. This means learning how to properly answer questions, understand command words, manage your time in the exam, and provide an appropriate answer to the question. NEBOSH state that failing to properly apply the basic principles of examination technique can mean the difference between a pass and a referral for many students.

Other resources available:

Study Books:

We have a study book and revision guide for each of the units of the NEBOSH Diploma syllabus. The study books follow the NEBOSH syllabus closely and provide a wealth of knowledge for those studying the NEBOSH Diploma, they provide practical explanations and are structured to reflect the order, content and level of understanding that is required by the syllabus for this course.

Revision Guides:

Our revision guides have been designed as an accompaniment to the full study books. They are A5 to make them handheld and easily portable, and provide a summary of the learning outcomes for each element, along with important diagrams, a revision checklist, exam guidance and more.

Unit A:


Image of NEBOSH Diploma unit A study bookImage of NEBOSH Diploma unit A revision guide

Unit B:

Image of NEBOSH Diploma unit B study book Image of NEBOSH Diploma unit B revision guide

Unit C:

Image of NEBOSH Diploma unit B study book Image of NEBOSH Diploma unit C revision guide


Unit DNI Guidance:

We offer a 3-hour virtual guidance session with an experienced tutor that covers the presentation, chosen workplace, and plan of action. In the unfortunate event that you are unsuccessful with your first submission of your DNI assignment, you will be able to receive a tutor review of the assignment feedback as provided by NEBOSH before your re-submission.

For more information:

If you would like to find out more about the breakdown of the NEBOSH syllabus, we have an article that goes into detail on what is included in units A, B, C and D that can be found: Here.
For assistance booking an exam please contact: central.admin@actassociates.co.uk
For information on the tutorials or NEBOSH courses please contact: NEBOSH@actassociates.co.uk
For any other information please call us on 01384 447915 to be directed to the appropriate department.

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