Why your team leaders need to take an IOSH Managing Safely course

IOSH By Matthew Coombes

Who are IOSH?

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is a chartered body and membership organisation for professionals within the health and safety industry. They provide many services including creating and accrediting training courses, professional membership and chartering, and research and resources for the industry.

What is Managing Safely?

Managing Safely is an IOSH qualification that is designed to introduce managers to the many aspects of managing health and safety at work. Over 7 modules and 2 assessments, you will learn essential skills such as how to assess and control risks, what your responsibilities are, and how to apply these to your workplace. ACT have been offering IOSH Managing Safely since the start of the company, over 28 years ago, and it is one of the leading health and safety courses for line managers, though it is designed to be suitable for anyone in any sector.

What benefits does this course provide for leaders?

This qualification provides the knowledge required for an individual to increase their competence in health and safety to the point whereby they should be able to be responsible for the safety of others. The course is designed to be flexible, memorable and thought provoking, using facts and case studies that you may find relate to your organisation as examples of how good health and safety can be put into practice at your workplace.

Managing Safely provides the knowledge that you need to develop several important health and safety skills. These include assessment and control of risks and hazards, incident investigation, and measurement of health and safety performance. A team leader that is capable of applying what they have learned from this course to their workplace can be a good way to get staff actively involved in improving the health and safety in the workplace.

Once you have implemented what you have learned on this course into your workplace, you may see an improvement to health and safety as a whole. Having the skills to properly assess and control risks and hazards is a great first step to reducing sickness and accidents.

Upon successful completion of the course, whether by e-learning or in a classroom, you are issued with an internationally recognised certificate directly from IOSH – this certificate shows that you have completed an accredited course that is quality controlled by IOSH.

Due to the accessible style of the IOSH Managing Safely course, this course provides a solid foundation of health and safety knowledge to use as a basis for moving on to higher level qualifications, such as a General Certificate.

How easy is it to take a Managing Safely course?

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Managing Safely is available as both a classroom and E-learning course. The classroom option includes the benefit of having a tutor and peers with which to discuss the materials, while the E-learning course is fully flexible and designed to fit around your busy life. Whichever route you may choose, the assessment stays the same; there’s a multiple-choice exam, and a practical risk assessment that must be completed successfully in order to obtain the qualification.


At ACT, we have been offering IOSH Managing Safely classroom courses for over 28 years, and have found that the course is a great way to get yourself or your employees up to speed on what is required of them to keep their working environment safe.


ISO 45001 awareness
The experience that we have gained from providing Managing Safely courses in classrooms has been developed into our IOSH Managing Safely E-Learning materials. Our online health and safety training platform is perfect for anyone that needs to fit their learning around the other aspects of their life – if you have to exit the online course, you can simply pick up where you left off when you are next able to log on and continue with the content that you were learning.


All of the classroom courses that we offer are available as in-house courses. If your company is looking to equip multiple members of staff with a Managing Safely qualification at one time, in-house courses can be very cost-effective, time-efficient and logistically simpler. Over 3 days you could train up to 16 members of staff at one agreed price, as opposed to putting them onto public courses individually.

Alternatively, an arrangement can be made for bulk purchasing our Managing Safely E-Learning course licenses, and a manager’s account can be set up to monitor the progress of the employees taking the course.

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