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Audit Checklists

Our excellent range of checklists enable auditors to quickly deliver audits with the minimum of preparation.

ACT Resource provides a number of audit checklists in publication format that have been developed using our cumulative audit experience.  The publications comprise of workbooks to record findings/actions and accompanying guidance to aid audit assessment and decision making. 

The ACT Resource checklists have been developed to assist auditors to assess organisations and establish corrective and improvement actions.  The audit checklist publications comprise of workbooks to record findings/actions and accompanying guidance to aid audit assessment and decision making. 

They use a unique progressive evaluation and scoring system that encourages acceptance of findings and implementation of improvement actions.  The user friendly form design and guidance supports the audit process and means the checklists are easy to use.  They can be used in their current form without preparation or adaptation and have facility for additional user criteria.  The checklists provide an affordable solution. 

Please see the checklist outlines below or click on a link for more information and to purchase

The Audit 123 Level 1 - ISO 45001 OH&S Management Systems checklists will assist and guide auditors (or other people conducting a self-evaluation) to assess the extent to which an organisation’s occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system conforms with the ISO 45001 standard and the degree of success in implementing the system. This audit checklist workbook and guidance is based on the information provided in the globally recognised ISO 45001 international standard. They will be useful for conducting third party or internal audits.

The Audit 123 Level 1 - Health and Safety in the Workplace checklists aid the confirmation of the status of an organisation’s legal compliance, management of health and safety and control of specific risks.  They are particularly suited to the efficient audit of a single site, they also allow assessment of compliance at lower levels of responsibility.  The checklists focus on the operational systems required for workplace health and safety.  These checklists provide a useful structure to internal audits that might be conducted to support HSG65, QSA or OHSAS 18001.

The Audit 123 Level 2 - Health and Safety in the Workplace checklists provide auditors with an in depth analysis of the criteria contained in level 1.  The searching approach puts under scrutiny the risk control systems that lead to good workplace health and safety.  The style and depth of content establishes these checklists as an excellent tactical auditing tool.

The Management Systems – HSG65 checklists relating to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance on effective management of health and safety (HSG65) are an effective way of evaluating an organisation’s strategic approach to health and safety.  Benchmarking against this critical standard is essential for many corporate organisations.

A number of other checklists are available to accompany the Management Systems checklist and to assist with the effective management of health and safety risk, they cover important aspects including Human Factors, Risk Management, Emergency Preparedness, Safety Procedures and Off-the-job Health and Safety.

Our audit checklists provide an affordable solution for discerning auditors who want to take advantage of our experience and save time in audit preparation.

Whatever your need related to audit checklists please talk to us and we will do our best to help.