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Stress Management

Workers in the UK took an average 5.3 days off work in 2012, according to the 2013 CBI/Pfizer Fit for Purpose survey, with stress, anxiety and depression given as the main causes of absence.

Sick leave is costing the UK economy £14bn a year, the report suggests. So there is a strong financial incentive for businesses to keep their "human capital" as healthy and happy as possible.

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure.

Pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope. People have different ways of reacting to stress, so a situation that feels stressful to one person may be motivating to someone else.

Stress management has been included on the health and safety agenda for many years. However, it still seems to be that 'risk assessment' that never makes the risk register as most organisations find the concept of stress related risk assessment and management very difficult.

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