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Case Study - NVQ Level 5 Diploma

Case Study - NVQ Level 5 Diploma

Our City & Guilds NVQ qualifications are rapidly gaining popularity as a great alternative to NEBOSH classroom courses. We sat down with Taryna who has just completed her NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Health and Safety to discuss why this route was so attractive over traditional health and safety qualifications.

What made you chose the NVQ route over the NEBOSH Diploma?
I chose NVQ route as it matches my learning style and allowed me to complete tasks at work to improve the health and safety systems and culture and then add documents into my portfolio.
Having a tutor who could mentor me and push me to improve my standards has been invaluable. I have gained so much confidence from this course that I have changed my employment and also been offered a new role since completing my diploma.

What did you most like about the NVQ study format?
The flexibility to research a topic, trial my thoughts within the workplace using opportunities for improvement as my knowledge expanded.

What help did you get from your employer?
I started whilst working for my past employer who paid for the training but did not offer any study leave or encouragement which made life hard, but as stated above the encouragement of my tutor gave me the push to improve myself.

Has the qualification changed the way you think about work?
The research has in effect put the meat on the bones of my knowledge base. I can evaluate work situations quicker now.

What made you choose ACT to do the course?
I have attended the centre in the past to complete my CCNSG training and found them helpful, friendly and they delivered a well-run course. When I decided the NVQ route was for me I requested that ACT was my preferred supplier.

Were you happy with the support you received from your tutor? In what ways did your tutor support you?
Geoff always managed to get me to talk about what I encounter in the workplace and to come up with solutions; he would offer advice on what legislation would back up an argument and the best approach to take to ensure safe work practices. He also pushed me to review my work, to look outside my own work scope to broaden my knowledge base.