Are your policies designed to protect?

Legislation requires organisations to identify risks and establish risk controls to reduce the likelihood of harm to employees and others affected by its operations. Your organisation may have policies in place to achieve this. However, they may have limitations or gaps that are hard for you to identify. We can assist by reviewing your policies.

One of our dedicated consultants can undertake a review/gap analysis to obtain a perspective of the current health and safety compliance within your organisation. This would be conducted against legal requirements and current good practice. Alternatively, the review can be based on conformity with management system standards like the BSI Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001: 2007) or the update to this standard, the ISO 45001. Our consultants have many years’ experience in the effective analysis and development of management systems.

Building on the findings of the review, a focused status report will be developed, showing where your policies are working well, areas where improvements need to be made and the actions required.

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