Working with Wellbeing – The First Course

Nebosh By Matthew Coombes

Having recently completed my NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, I have been slowly taking on more responsibilities for health and safety management as part of my everyday duties at work. With the impact that the pandemic has had on our organisation, we have been looking to focus on an area of occupational health and safety that often gets missed – wellbeing.

As part of this, ACT provided the funding for me to attend our very first delivery of the new NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course. I got to be involved with the course not only as an ACT worker, but also as a learner who was eager to develop my knowledge of wellbeing as a whole, so that I can put to into practice some of what we preach.

About the Working with Wellbeing course

The course focuses on explaining what wellbeing is, how it impacts our lives, and how we can work towards improving wellbeing on an organisational scale. That being said, the information within the course can be applicable to our lives as individuals as well, and learning more about concepts like mindfulness can be a really empowering tool to have.

Running throughout the course is the idea of the inter-related branches of wellbeing, that can all positively impact our health, and how different aspects of our wellbeing can relate to improve our health.

There is also a comprehensive ‘business case’ that helps to highlight the importance of wellbeing initiatives and how positive wellbeing can be a great way to improve workplace performance.

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing assessment

NEBOSH have a knack for providing assessments that tie the course together, and the Working with Wellbeing is no different. The assessment helps you to round off what you have learned by reflecting on your organisation’s performance in relation to the key topics, and by encouraging you to create some initiatives that you can take forward into your workplace.

What’s next for Working with Wellbeing?

We’ve received some great feedback from our first course, including one comment telling us that we shouldn’t change anything and that there was nothing we could improve upon!

However, we believe that there is always room for improvement.

As part of our continued development of our wellbeing as ACT and our Working with Wellbeing course, I will be put my skills in safety, health, wellbeing and psychology into practice by creating resources freely available in the ACT News section.

This article has been written by Matthew Coombes, the safety, health and wellbeing advisor for ACT.

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